Zimmerman Public Works Averts Disaster

Zimmerman Public Works Averts Disaster

Zimmerman’s Public Works Department nearly had to shut down a water tower, but in a report given at the Aug. 20 Zimmerman City Council meeting, it was explained how quick action and a late night averted what could have been disastrous.

On Friday, Aug. 17, Zimmerman Director of Public Works Keith Koehler, just three weeks into his new post, noticed something unusual by one of the city’s well heads. Around 12:45 p.m. Koehler found ponding around the wellhead and saw that the water had bubbled up through the sod.

The flange connecting the piping to a wellhead had broken. The wellhead in question was located between one of the city’s wells and its purification system, which is all interlinked with city’s water supply. With the seal broken, water was spraying out underground…(Read the full story)

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