You might dig gardening, but check with PUD before you do

You might dig gardening, but check with PUD before you do

Eric Stevick | The Herald

Spring is a time to dig, to build, to plant, to grow.

The thing is, there are some perilous secrets in the earth that can create inconvenience and cause injury.

It’s why the Snohomish County Public Utility District is reminding its customers to check ahead to prevent accidentally hitting an underground utility line.

Such encounters happen more often than folks might think.

The PUD had about 100 incidents when people uncovered or hit underground electrical lines and equipment over the past year, said Neil Neroutsos, a spokesman for the agency.

About 40 percent of those cases resulted in a power outage.

And, in some cases, a bill.

“Not only does this pose a safety issue for customers, but if they fail to have the lines marked — or if they didn’t use the location information correctly to avoid hitting utilities — the customers are responsible for covering the PUD’s cost of repairs,” Neroutsos said…(Read the full story)

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