Women Still Make up Fraction of Energy Industry Workers

Women Still Make up Fraction of Energy Industry Workers

Martin Berman-Gorvine | Bloomberg BNA

Although the number of women in one sub-sector of the energy and utility industry rose to 35 percent of the workforce at one point, overall representation of women in these fields actually has fallen precipitously since 2003.

Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the proportion of women working in petroleum refining; electric power generation, transmission, and distribution; and natural gas distribution fell between 2003 and 2017. Only in “electric and gas, and other combinations” of utilities did the proportion of women rise, and then only by a fraction of a percentage point, with the proportion of women briefly reaching a peak of nearly 35 percent in 2012. And the electric and gas sector employed only 139,000 people as of last year, compared with almost 1 million working in the other three sectors…(Read the full story)


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