Women in Power: The future of the sector’s leadership

Women in Power: The future of the sector’s leadership

Krysti Shallenberger | Utility Dive

The country is in the throes of a reckoning in the workforce. Politicians, media stars, executives and journalists have come under fire for alleged misbehavior in the workplace.

In turn that led to social media campaigns, like the #MeToo hashtag, and increasing scrutiny over what constitutes proper behavior in the workplace. But these issues are only part of a larger problem of how companies are defining women’s roles following an influx of women in the workforce a century ago.

The utility sector is no exception. And its problems are urgent: About 70% of the workforce is set to retire in the coming years. Utilities are scrambling to recruit a younger — and more diverse — workforce for an industry known for the opposite.

“The [#MeToo] evolution that is happening now is long overdue,” said Barbara Lockwood, vice president of regulation at Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest utility…(Read the full story)

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