What’s Wrong with this Picture? – Fall 2019

WHAT DID YOU FIND WRONG? A person is standing on the excavator’s entry door threshold holding the grab handles. This person can fall and die, hit the control levers accidentally, may distract the operator, block his vision and his ingress and egress. Our Special Locate Edition Winner is Steven Ambrose, Subsurface Utility Engineer, Accurate Utility Locating and Consulting in Jacksonville, FL . Congratulations, Steven!

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WHAT DID YOU FIND WRONG? Oh my gosh! So much wrong! Here are some of the answers you provided. • No chucks under the wheels of the compressor • Equipment is too close to trench • Distracted workers • Trip hazards everywhere • No confined space monitor or confined space retrieval system • Workers aren’t wearing safety glasses • One worker appears to have his hard hat on backwards • Unsafe egress and ingress to excavation areas • Excavation is not properly shored • Better safety barrier needed to keep people out of construction site • Air compressor is not safely secured • Manhole lids are within 2 feet of the edge of a deeper portion of excavation • Utility hole is unguarded with the cover off • No ventilator purging the utility hole • No work signage around perimeter • Ladder is not secured and improper height • Utilities aren’t marked • Manhole is not barricaded • No walking platforms
Our Summer Edition Winner is Rod BellCable Repair Supervisor, Strata Networks in Utah. Congratulations, Rod!

Your $100 gift card is on the way!

What’s Wrong With this Picture?

WHEN IT COMES to safety, it’s all in the details. Every day we’re faced with choices between safety, efficiency, and productivity. While we can’t always know the circumstances surrounding a situation, and we should never jump to conclusions, sometimes dangerous situations are obvious. Being able to identify those situations and taking action to fix them increases everyone’s safety. What would you change to make this situation safer?
Every correct answer received will be entered in a drawing for a $100 gift card!*One submission per person. Please include your contact information. Fall contest closes October 18, 2019. • email your answer to karin@emailir.com • text it to 651.321.4246 DO YOU HAVE A PICTURE FOR OUR “WHAT ’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE ” DEPARTMENT ? SEND IT TO KARIN@EMAILIR.COM
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