Watch what you flush Marblehead

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Disposable does not mean flushable and “flushable” does not always mean what you think it does, warns Water & Sewer Superintendent Amy McHugh.

McHugh is seeing a different kind of side effect to the coronavirus and that is possible back ups in the town’s pumps stations due to residents flushing disposable wipes down toilets.

With everyone cleaning, more people are using sanitizing wipes, her crew is beginning to see the impact, she said.

“The worst thing about them is they say ‘flushable,’” McHugh said. “They might go down when you flush the toilet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t sit in the pipe and eventually cause a back up.”

Disposable gloves is another item that crew members are finding in places where they shouldn’t be, McHugh said, adding a that all of it should be going in the trash, not the toilet bowl.

The problem is the wipes, gloves and even dental floss, are non-degradable and they get caught in the impellers of the sewer pumps and then her crew has to remove them by hand, McHugh explained…Read More

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