VIRGINIA NATURAL GAS Incorporates Artificial Intelligence to Protect Infrastructure

(Virginia Natural Gas) – Over the past decade, Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) has worked to modernize its pipeline infrastructure and has coordinated efforts with the Virginia State Corporation Commission, local governments, excavators and Virginia 811 (VA811) to promote safe digging.

By modernizing more than 400 miles of aging, older pipes through the Steps to Advance Virginia’s Energy (SAVE) program, VNG is enhancing the safety and reliability of systems to meet current and future energy needs. VNG is now incorporating innovative technology to help predict and prevent damages to critical infrastructure. The technology uses artificial intelligence to predict which third-party dig requests are most at risk for potential damage.

Developed by Urbint, the technology predicts threats and enables VNG to stop incidents before they happen. The software assesses risk on VA811 dig requests daily, enabling the VNG asset protection team to focus efforts where damages may be more likely to occur.

“The program automatically imports information directly from VA811 and uses predictive analysis to identify and assign risk levels for third-party excavations,” said David Gatling, VNG asset protection manager. “It can predict and pinpoint any areas of concern using artificial intelligence models to help prevent damages.”

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