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The Excavation Safety Alliance (ESA) is a virtual community for everyone interested in safe excavation and damage prevention. ESA provides free education via videos, podcasts & blogs. Follow the QR Code for examples of the short how-to videos available FREE at ESA including:


Use a checklist to ensure everyone’s safety on the jobsite before starting a job.


If you do hit a buried facility, documenting the damage is critical.


White lining is a simple process for excavators to clearly indicate areas that need to be marked to the locators.


Private utilities are not marked with a call to 811. Learn how to ensure private facilities are located and why it’s important to mark them.

Learn more about the exciting new ESA membership program coming spring 2020 at and the hundreds of hours of education available to members, including:

• Excavator Safety webinars
• Ask the Expert Series
• SUE Series
• Vacuum Excavation Series
• CAMO Emergency Response Workshop, coming in April 2020.

For a global perspective, watch these videos from the 2020 UK National Damage Prevention Day.

• Are we using location technology to its best potential?
• Why do we hit things and what are the barriers to change?
• Industry champions including a focus on regulatory performance
• Understanding barriers to feeding back data, and understanding the mechanisms of receiving feedback including what needs to happen to get industry buy-in.
• Understanding strike incidents- who, where, what and how?
• What range of stakeholders are the most important for damage prevention? How can we engage them better and how can we best present information to them?
• A look across the pond; what we can learn from a more collaborative and cohesive approach?

Audience Specific Awareness Videos

• General Public
• Emergency Management
• Highway Patrol
• Land & Planning Agents
• Local Law Enforcement
• Rural Fire Departments
• Dispatchers

Educational Videos

• Call 811
• Pipeline Safety for Excavators
• National Pipeline Mapping System
• Pipelines Informational Video
• Spotlight on Pipelines – Public Television
• Case Study – Petroleum Liquids
• Excavation Emergencies
• Pipeline Emergency Preparedness
• Pipeline Safety for Excavators
• PANW Presentation
• JJ Harrison Rodeo Events
• Case Study – Natural Gas

Emergency Response Videos

• Emergency Response Part 1
• Emergency Response Part 2
• Emergency Response Part 3
• Emergency Response Part 4
• Emergency Response Part 5
• Emergency Response Video (15 min.)

Pipeline Ag Safety

• Minnesota Farm Safety Tips
• Texas Farm & Ranch Safety Tips
• Field Tile Testimonial
• 811 Day 2017, Assaria, KS
• Call Before Ya Dig

Audience Specific Awareness Videos

• How to File an Alleged Violation Report
• New Website Tips
• April National Safe Digging Month
• Accessing the Coordinate PA User’s Guide
• Holding the Pre-Construction Meeting
• Creating A Routine Construction Ticket for Your

Complex Project

• Creating a Complex Project in Coordinate PA
• How A Facility Owner Responds To KARL
• What is Minor Routine Maintenance?
• Introduction to Coordinate PA
• Coordinate PA
• How Do I Report Damage?
• What is Drawing Exchange?
• I Hit A Line Now What?
• No Marks Now What?
• What does AVR mean?
• What are the benefits of becoming a PA One Call member?
• No One Call Ticket
• The Four Components of a Correct Mark
• Cross Bore Penetration
• 5 Steps to Safer Digging Toolbox HD
• Cross Bore Awareness Introduction Video
• Crew Footage of a Lateral Camera Launch
• Locating the Bio Ball
• Bio Ball Flush 1
• Bio Ball pullback test
• 811 Day 2020 – Cross Bore Prevention
• 811 Day 2020 – Trench Safety
• 811 Day 2020 – Electric Safety
• 811 Day 2020 – New Website Demonstration
• 811 Day 2020 – Designer Lunch and Learn
• 811 Day 2020 – Ask 811

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