Trenching and Excavation Safety

Trenching and Excavation Safety

Kevin Druley | Safety and Health Magazine

George Kennedy can recall multiple incidents involving unprotected workers and trench cave-ins. Unfortunately, some of those stories have tragic endings.

One worker was killed in a collapse after removing a trench shield to retrieve a shovel.

Another worker died after returning to an unprotected trench to grab a pack of cigarettes that had fallen from his pocket and a cave-in occurred.

Kennedy, vice president of safety for the National Utility Contractors Association, is among those working to raise trench safety awareness.

“They just should not take the chance of going into an unprotected trench for any reason for any period of time,” Kennedy said. “Even 30 seconds, a minute. That’s all it takes. Cave-ins happen in a fraction of a second. You turn around and it’s on you…” (Read the full story)

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