There’s a Mouse in the House – Meet “Click”

WITH LONG HOLD TIMES and limited resources in our contact center, we decided to get creative and come up with a campaign that would help drive more people to submit their locate requests online. With this new campaign, we are introducing a new character to the OKIE811 family to help us drive this message. Meet “Click” the mouse. “Click” uses his Looney Toons style to help spread the message about Clicking Before Digging!

Click is a buddy to OKIE D. Critter, our current mascot who currently helps remind people to contact OKIE811 before digging. But Click is a goofy young person who thinks he’s helping, when in actuality, he’s not following safety protocols. OKIE finds himself chasing after Click and reminding him to “CLICK… Before You Dig!!”

We feel like Click will help us reach children and younger people since he’s closer to their demographic and an easier character for them to identify with. Additionally, younger people are more inclined to use their computer, an app, or an iPad when conducting business.

In Click’s debut performance, he finds himself hitting an electric line and taking out power to the neighborhood. This is currently airing during college football and across many local stations. Future episodes of Click’s endeavors will show him hitting a water main because he forgot to make sure a locate request was submitted at least three business days before digging. Following that, we plan to show the consequences of Click’s lack of care and concern for safety when he takes out a major fiber line and shuts down vital services used by those working from home.

We believe in hitting as many demographics as possible with our safety message. Educating young people helps them grow up to know the process when they plan a digging project. We also believe that young people help hold older people accountable by forewarning them about going online and submitting a locate request.