The Utility of the Future Will Provide More Than Just Kilowatt-Hours

The Utility of the Future Will Provide More Than Just Kilowatt-Hours

Jennifer Runyon | Electric Light & Power

Utilities that are concerned about eroding or changing business models have something to be very excited about, and that’s new technology that will allow them to increase their reach into areas that they have not had much of an impact on before.

That was the takeaway from this week’s Itron Utility Week (IUW), which showcased how through connected, digital infrastructure, utilities will be able to implement systems like radiation and gunshot detection and seismic response, which will lead to a safer world.

Utilities are unique among businesses in that they physically touch just about every home and business in the world. In addition to touching every home and business, that also own infrastructure at the street level, i.e. telephone poles and, sometimes, street lights. (With the exception of course of regions of the world that are not electrified)

While what some may have seen as a burden in the past — think of the hours involved in driving past every single electric meter to read it to ensure accurate billing — now companies like Itron and its third-party developer partners are showing how that physical connection can have massive public safety implications…(Read the full story)

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