The True Cost of Energy Losses

The True Cost of Energy Losses

Dominic Quennell | Utility Week

Renewable generation reached a record high last year, and it’s pleasing to see the government lead a global charge to combat climate change. However, if we want to deliver real, sustainable results then we need to look to all parts of our energy network.
Central to this is how we deal with energy losses. The same government statistics that revealed renewables neared 30 per cent of total energy also exposed an alarming trend – energy losses continue to rise.

The costs of losses are drastic both financially and environmentally. Last year, energy lost in our transmission and distribution system totalled 26,322GWh. This is enough to power almost seven million homes and constitutes around 1.5 per cent of carbon emissions. Worryingly, these emissions make up a third of the amount the UK must cut each year to meet the government’s 2050 carbon target…(Read the full story)

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