The Power of Modern Mobile Devices

Advancements in mobile technology are driving innovation and transforming field operations. A mobile device with the right capabilities will transform the way your company gathers and uses data to drive operational effectiveness, increase field worker safety and complete work on time.

Increasing Safety and Productivity with Mobile Devices

Your field technicians drive operational effectiveness by accessing real-time information and gathering insights on their phones.

Capture Data

Technicians with a mobile device equipped with appropriate technology capture location data and asset data (pictures, videos), while performing audits, taking notes or filling out documents when they are out in the field.

Both current and historical data have unique benefits that can be applied to reduce risk and increase safety of your workers and protect critical assets.

Current data about location, assets and infrastructure, weather, traffic patterns and road conditions inform the worker in the field and boost technician efficiency. Details about weather, traffic patterns and road conditions, for example, can help techs better plan their days and optimize their routes so they can complete their work each day more efficiently.

Historical data plays a major role in day-to-day work that needs to be performed by the field technician. Historical data can be data about the contract company, locator and/or excavator, field technician information, previous locate details, and the trainings that the locator or excavator completed. Knowing a company’s locate or excavation history guides the next best action to ensure digs are conducted properly.

With these insights, field workers have a greater awareness of all aspects of their dig sites and can drive safety efforts.

Store and Supplement Data

This data that’s collected in the field (location, asset) is stored and supplemented with additional data (traffic, weather, road conditions) from other sources to provide accurate and detailed information to the technician when performing the work. This makes the technician more informed and aware.

Automate Workflow and Processes

Using workflow automation and process automation, utilities and energy companies are ensuring the technician follows stipulated procedures and guidelines as part of compliance and regulatory requirements. Another key advantage is in reducing human error. Using automation, the information needed is automatically populated thus reducing human intervention and substantially reducing human error. Automation helps with:

• Efficient ticket management

Ticket details can be pulled from existing databases and automatically filled in, saving workers time and effort.

• Compliance-related concerns

When operating in highly regulated markets, automation can streamline workflow to ensure you follow the right steps in the right way.

Automatically sending responses and notices

You can customize your solution to automatically send a response to utility companies, One Call centers or supervisors based on completion of work, or alert certain people if an action needs to be performed.

Incorporate Emerging Technology and Tools

In addition to process improvement, mobile devices have the capability to leverage the latest technology and tools, such as:

• Mobile applications: Apps like locate audits, damage investigation and pre-excavator checklists are making it easier for companies to use out-ofthe- box functionality right away.

• Augmented reality: Field workers can view – and accurately identify – underground assets before the dig begins by using augmented reality resulting in increased locate accuracy and fewer damages.

• Analytics: Platforms are enhancing analytical capabilities by providing data integration and data processing to generate insights. For example, one can use the current and historical data combined with dig ticket information, to assign risk scores to dig sites, facilities, locators and excavators.

• Artificial intelligence: Use artificial intelligence in meter inspections to detect corrosion. By uploading a photo of the meter, field personnel can immediately get a result about the best course of action.

Digital transformation is changing the way field technicians work. Companies that collect, manage and analyze field data improve operational effectiveness and increase safety.

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