The Louisiana Rural Water Association

Louisiana Rural Water Association (LRWA) was established in 1978 with the primary focus of providing classroom and onsite training to rural water and wastewater systems, as well as technical assistance to small water and wastewater systems and governing personnel on the most up-to-date methods of efficient operations, maintenance and management techniques. The professional LRWA staff is skilled in all areas of water and wastewater operations and management.

LRWA services are provide through the following programs:

Training Program: providing classroom and onsite training and technical assistance to water and wastewater systems throughout Louisiana which benefits all personnel and governing officials. The training is designed to keep water systems abreast of the Safe Drinking Water Act rules and regulations, as well as keeping them informed of the most up-to- date methods of compliance, efficient operations, maintenance, and management techniques.

Water Program: providing technical assistance and training to water system personnel across the state regarding the daily operation and maintenance of their system. Technicians provide services which include onsite visits and phone calls regarding information on Safe Drinking Water Act rules and regulations, water quality analysis, disinfection and chemical feed, treatment processes, distribution maintenance, line and valve locations, pump and motor maintenance and rate structures.

Wastewater Program: providing technical assistance that includes treatment plant operations, maintenance, finance, management, regulatory requirements (EPA and DEQ permits), health concerns, system operations specialist certifications and rate structures. The technician can also assist systems constructing new treatment plants. The training is designed to keep system personnel abreast of the rules and regulations affecting wastewater systems as well as keeping the systems informed of the most up-to-date methods of efficient operations, maintenance and management techniques.

Energy Program: offering specialized onsite training and technical assistance to small water and/or wastewater system personnel throughout Louisiana. It is designed to reduce energy consumption and water loss, and increase the efficiency of operations by providing the following tests to determine sources of energy loss within a system: water leak detection, water meter bench test (meter accuracy), infiltration (smoke) test, sewer line video camera inspection, and rate analysis/studies.

Homeowner Sewage Maintenance Educational Program: providing information to homeowners on the importance of inspecting and maintaining individual home sewage treatment systems. Homeowners are instructed on how the system works, conducting a thorough inspection, and maintaining systems through repairs, upgrades, and pump-outs.

Source Water Protection Program: designed to work with water systems to increase public awareness regarding protecting drinking water sources, creating a local team and working in a step program. The five-step program includes forming a community planning team, identifying the land area to be protected, identifying land uses and possible sources of pollution, implementing ways to prevent drinking water contamination and developing alternate ways to supply water if the public well becomes contaminated.

Board Development Training: available to governing officials and utility managers of small rural water and wastewater systems and consisting of setting goals, policies, hiring, financial/accounting, budgeting, customer relations, legal obligations, etc.

In addition to the 30-plus one day training sessions for operator continuing education hours, LRWA provides operator certification review courses and an annual conference. All this training also provides networking opportunities between operators and agency personnel. For 40 years, LRWA has been offering technical assistance, training and other vital services to the water and wastewater systems across Louisiana.

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