EDPL Group: Off the Ground

The Emerging Damage Prevention Leaders group (EDPL) was officially launched at the 2019 CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo, in Tampa, Florida with a mission to attract and educate the damage prevention professional leaders of tomorrow and accelerate their impact on the industry’s common goals. The group consists of two member categories:

  1. Experienced professionals
  2. Emerging Leaders (young professionals who joined the industry recently)

The group has grown to 25 members as of mid-July and a task team was formed consisting of representatives from all stakeholder groups to vote on key decisions for the group and keep the initiatives moving forward.

A special thanks to all the task team members for volunteering their time to build this group amidst their busy schedules.

Social media pages have been created to facilitate online discussions and expand EDPL’s reach and efforts digitally.

• linkedin.com/groups/10469344/

• facebook.com/groups/310949963177502/

The group’s first initiative is to develop a Mentor-Mentee program. Check out the social media pages or reach out to me for more details about this exciting program!

To join this group or learn more about it, contact Sundar@emailir.com.


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