Spreading the Word About Safe Digging One Billboard at a Time

OVER 29 MILLION people call Texas home. Reaching each resident has proven to be challenging for Texas811.

What happens when we face challenges at Texas811? We think outside-the-box for ways to maximize our exposure.

One way we have been able to do this is with the help of the One Call Board of Texas.

The One Call Board of Texas is a non-profit governing agency that oversees the statewide “One Call” notification system.

September of 2021, the One Call Board of Texas began funding a billboard campaign to help Texas811 “Spread the Word” about safe digging. Currently, we have 22 billboards placed around the state. There are six billboards located in Dallas/Fort Worth, three in San Antonio, two in Houston and El Paso, and one in Austin, Corpus Christi, Odessa, Lubbock, Amarillo, San Benito, McAllen, Tyler, and Beaumont. In September we were able to reach an impressive 4,872,075 people. While these numbers looked promising, we were blown away by the amount of people reached in October once all billboards were active. In October we reached a total of 27,669,583 people! Our billboards will run for approximately three to six months. We are excited to see what our end campaign numbers will look like.

We thank the One Call Board of Texas for funding this initiative. We also want to remind everyone that “Spreading the Word” about safe digging is a shared responsibility among all stakeholders in the one call industry.

If you are interested in more information about this program or in sponsoring billboards in your area, please reach out to Christi McLain, our Communications Manager, at ChristiMcLain@Texas811.org.