Spilled Sewage Contaminates Baltimore Area Waterways

Spilled Sewage Contaminates Baltimore Area Waterways

Jacob Maslow | Baltimore Post-Examiner

In an unsavory incident this month, sewage was accidentally allowed to flow freely into the Patapsco River’s Middle Branch. The incident began when a worker for Baltimore Gas and Electric somehow managed to damage a sewer line in Westport in central Maryland while trying to fix a pipe. As a result, a flood of human waste, approximately 378,600 gallons, flowed into the river until the leak was finally repaired three days later. Sometimes, damage can be minimized by using hi-tech video cameras to investigate and assess the pipes, according to Specialized Pipe Technologies.

Initially, hundreds of gallons of sewage per minute flowed from the broken pipe near Kent Street and Sidney Avenue, while crews worked hurriedly to divert the flow to another sewer main. Sandbags and various others methods were used to slow the flow and limit the surge of wastewater contaminating the nearby bodies of water. Until the pipe could be repaired, waste was being sent to and contained in a large pit dug near the site of the break…(Read the full story)

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