Spectacular SAFE-LIFE Success at Locator Safety Awareness Week 2017

June 18-24 was an amazing week for the 8,000- plus locators and their loved ones across the USIC family.

The combination of social media engagement, live action tailgate talks, local/regional/corporate hazard recognition contests, and a phenomenal showing at the International Locate Rodeo demonstrated USIC’s commitment to the underground utility locating industry.

During preparations for LSAW 2017, a theme emerged which was subtly woven throughout each event: “Just because the waters are calm, doesn’t mean the alligators are gone.”

Within the professional safety community the observation is typically stated, “The absence of
injury is not the definition of a great safety program.” By focusing USIC’s efforts towards educating, entertaining, and empathizing across the huge spectrum of hazards faced every day, everyone’s knowledge level could go up and find the “alligators” before they find the locator.


Several highlights from the week:

• Companywide daily contest searching for those hidden hazards that can hurt locators. Hundreds of submissions were received with many of them posted to USIC’s Facebook page.
• First ever Virtual Tailgate Talk so the general public could join with USIC locators to discuss our SAFE-LIFE culture, especially driving and heat hazards. We had over 2,500 views!
• Dozens of local crew Tailgate Talks with literally tons of fruit, water, and snack foods shared amongst locators to promote health and wellbeing.
• Live interview with a Locate Rodeo star was published on Facebook with more than 1,000 views!
• Our social media metrics indicated an unprecedented level of engagement by the general public and our own employees – the best in history for the page.

If you didn’t have the chance to participate live, we encourage to you get involved on our pages with pictures, questions, and recommendations about the SAFE-LIFE journey. Making choices and taking actions to set lower risk at home, at work, and the journeys between!

Tom Karnowski is Vice President: Environment, Health and Safety for USIC. USIC is an active participant in LSAW.

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