Solar Is Looking ‘Bright’ for the Tennessee Valley Authority

Solar Is Looking ‘Bright’ for the Tennessee Valley Authority

Robert Hook | Johnson City Press

“The outlook for solar in the valley is looking very bright,” Tammy Bramlett, TVA’s director of business development and renewables, said last week. “The cost of solar is coming down, and it’s a big part of our portfolio going forward.”

Bramlett said solar projects like the public/private partnership it and BrightRidge have entered into with the Nashville-based Silicon Ranch Corp. in Washington County is an example of both the future of TVA and its efforts to fulfill its mission of providing affordable energy, environmental stewardship and economic development to the Tennessee Valley region.

“Renewables bring down our carbon footprint and help in economic recruitment,” she said. “Businesses are knocking on our door wanting low-cost energy from renewable sources…”(Read the full story)

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