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All Within My Hands Foundation

Damage Prevention Professional recognizes a new foundation this month for its efforts to fund flexible education for working telecomcabling students.

Heavy Metal Band, Metallica, works with national charities to help build sustainable communities. A significant portion of their focus is dedicated to supporting workforce education and improving careers within the trades.

In December 2018, the band launched an initiative to grant $1 Million in tuition funding to 10 community colleges. Gateway Technical College in Racine, WI was among one of the schools selected as recipients. The band’s intent is to motivate more students to advance their telecommunications training without having to cut back work hours.

Read more about The Metallica Scholars Initiative on the All Within My Hands Foundation website.


This issue’s question:

How are you digging the new dp-pro logo?

A) I love it

B) “Eh”

C) I have no opinion, but I like surveys

To answer click on link:

Last issue’s result:

Are you planning to attend the 2019 CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo in Tampa this upcoming March?

A) Yes (78%)

B) No (22%)

Wireless Telecommunications Worldwide

This LinkedIn group connects Telecom employees from around the world to discuss the ultimate tool that brought them together: Wireless Technology.

Members participate in networking, job posting, news sharing, and contributing to productive debate on how the industry can achieve collective goals and bring improved changes to business and communications.

The group has over 54k professional members discussing a progressive technology, so there’s no shortage of informative resources to talk about and learn more about your field.

Request to join by visiting Wireless Telecommunications Worldwide on Linkedin.

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