Social Media – Special Locate 2019


This issue’s question:

Are you planning a summer project that will require a call to 811?

A) Yes B) No

Last issue’s result:

How are you digging the new dp-pro logo?

A) “I love it!” 100% B) “Eh.” 0%

C) “I have no opinion, but I like taking surveys.” 0%

SmartGrids – Energy & Water

This is a huge networking group that boasts over 20,000 members! For professionals who work in electric, gas, and water, this group is dedicated to generating valuable discussion around smart grid infrastructure, process, information systems, generation, distribution, and power utilities. It also features a news section and 100s of jobs a month.

This group has active moderation to ensure the content is topical, valuable, and spam-free.

Request to join by visiting SmartGrids – Energy & Water on LinkedIn.

Sometimes the easiest way to get the word out about something is to just come out and say it. That’s why we always enjoy seeing the #damageprevention hashtag. No matter what industry you’re in, when it comes to keeping people safe, getting the word out and keeping the message top-of-mind is always a great idea. There are always new ways to say it, but straight and to the point is really effective.



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