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This issue’s question:

Which method of oil transportation do you believe to be the safest, most efficient, and cost effective overall?

A) Pipeline

B) Rail

To answer click on link:

Engineering People of Oil and Gas

A group specific for anyone working, recruiting or with an interest in engineering within the oil and gas industry. Engineering People is a subgroup of Oil and Gas People which is brought to you by Be sure to check out their main group, Oil and Gas People, where you can network with tens of thousands of oil and gas people. This group has 36,738 members. If you would like to become a member, ask to join!


We Energies It! Call 811 Champaign

This summer, We Energies, a company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that provides customers with electric and natural gas service, embarked on another mission to find their canine safety ambassador to promote the safe digging message of Call 811. With over 100 photos submitted and a tight Facebook voting race to become the “top dog,” We Energies‘ campaign was another resounding success. The winning pooch was featured in a safe digging ad that was unveiled across social media on August 1, featured on digital billboards throughout the Milwaukee area on August 11, and had its likeness proudly on display for photo opportunities at the Wisconsin State Fair which has drawn over one million people per year for the last five years. Woof! That’s a lot people! Nice job increasing the call before you dig awareness, we can’t wait to see which furry friend becomes “top dog” next year.

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