This issue’s question:
What social media do you use professionally?
A) Facebook B) LinkedIn C) Instagram
D) Twitter E) YouTube F) Other
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Last issue’s result:

What device do you use to read your digital copy of dp-PRO?
Laptop 0% Tablet 0%
Phone 0% Desktop 100%

Oil and Gas Professionals

If you’re looking to share ideas and keep up with the latest happenings in the Oil and Gas industry, this group is a great place to start. With over 73,000 members, there is a large wealth of knowledge available to draw from. On top of learning the latest news and discussing ideas with other industry professionals, this group also provides a place to seek employment and post job listings in the gas and oil sector. Request to join by visiting Oil and Gas professionals on LinkedIn.



There is a growing need for young people to become involved in the skilled trades both in America and worldwide. There are many openings that need to be filled in the future, so we all must do what we can to end the stigma surrounding skilled trades. These people build the world we live in and we must ensure they get the respect they deserve.
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