The significance of locator safety underwent a transformation upon the arrival and rapid spread of COVID-19. Locators continued their work, now as essential workers, with an additional safety hurdle to overcome. Their continued dedication to the safety of the public and the infrastructure we all rely on has not been overlooked.


This issue’s question: Have shelter-in-place orders increased the amount of digging projects on your personal property?

A) Yes, I have more time to do yard projects I’ve put off

B) No, I’ve got my hands full with other things

C) No, the call centers need help prioritizing infrastructure repair tickets

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Last issue’s result:

Are you planning on celebrating LSAW (Locator Safety & Appreciation Week) In the last week of April?

100% YES

0% NO

0% I celebrate LSAW EVERY week!


Trenchless Technology

Providing an opportunity for trenchless professionals to connect & network. With over 6000 trenchless professionals in this group, your trenchless industry “reach” on LinkedIn will expand significantly by joining. Many also find professionally useful information in the active discussion group. We encourage everyone to also get involved with the Virginia Tech WATERiD website.

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