Sewers blocked by things people are using as substitutes for toilet paper

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Severn Trent Water said it had been called out to more than 3,000 blocked drains in the space of just a fortnight, while Scottish Water logged 1,343 reports between March 16 and March 30. Grant Mitchell, sewer blockages lead at Severn Trent Water, said: ‘On top of doing one of the most mucky jobs out there, our teams are getting asked why they’re out and about a lot at the moment, but we want to reassure everyone they are only doing work that is essential. ‘If more and more sewers need unblocking, they need to be out more, so please be understanding, as no-one really wants to dig out poo, kitchen roll and wipes. But all of this can easily be avoided, so if you do need to use something other than toilet roll, just remember to pop it in the bin, and not the toilet’…Read More

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