Sewer Pipe Breaks In Clark Fork River Near St. Regis

Sewer Pipe Breaks In Clark Fork River Near St. Regis

Kathleed Woodford  |  Clark Fork Valley Press & Mineral Indepenedent

A sewage pipe which crosses the Clark Fork River in St. Regis sprung a leak on Thursday, Jan. 10. Members of the St. Regis Sewer District immediately shut off the line with minimal spillage into the river. Chairman of the St. Regis Sewer District, Jerry Jones, said they acted as soon as they saw the pressure drop in the line and all responsible parties were notified immediately including the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Fish and Game; and the Montana Corps. Of Engineers.

A press release from DEQ was sent to The Missoulian which stated they responded to a report that the main pipe had a leak in the river and an undetermined amount of untreated sewage was released into the river. Sewer District personnel contracted Trenchless Solutions out of Missoula to find and help fix the problem. Trenchless was working with Allied Trenchless from Lake Chelan, Wash., to fix the pipe…(read the full story).

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