CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo Session Topics

With over 80 sessions to choose from throughout the three days of the Excavation Safety Conference, there is something for all industry professionals. New topics are added regularly, so visit the website for the most up-to-date list, session descriptions and speaker biographies.

Education Tracks

• 10 Feet Tall and Bullet Proof

• 2019: Emerging Damage Prevention Leaders Group

• Advanced Sonic Technologies (AST) in Action: Effective Acoustic Mapping

• API RP 1162 Rewrite

• Believe in Safety: Know the Risks of Short Cuts

• Applying Augmented Reality to Prevent Excavation Damage

• Big Changes Below the Horizon: The Impact of Changing Technology on One Call Systems

• Blending Safety Culture and Damage Prevention

• Board Member 101

• Board Member 201

• Case Histories of Gas Line Damage and Gas Explosions

• Communication Styles

• Contracting Exceptions: Are You Covered?

• Cross Bore Identification

• Damage Prevention

• Damage Prevention the Chicago Way

• De-Escalation

• Digital Transformation of the Utilities Locate Process: WaterOne Case Study

• Distribution Public Awareness Council (DPAC) Natural Gas Distribution Safety Benchmarking

• Education vs. Training

• Excavation Safety: Protecting Workers. Protecting Utilities.

• Future of Strike Prevention Down Under

• How Does AI Improve Accuracy of Underground Locates?

• How Cloud-Based Technologies are Changing the Way We Locate and Map Buried Facilities

• How to Implement a Comprehensive and Safe HDD Training Regimen

• How to Survive an OSHA Inspection

• Installing and Mapping Underground Infrastructure while Capturing GPS: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

• Introduction to the Dig Safe Board

• Joint Use

• Landowner Campaign

• Lessons Learned from Past Dig-Ins

• Locating Pipelines Within a Facility

• Managing the Change

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Metrically Driven, Continuous Improvement for Stakeholder Engagement and Damage Prevention: The National Grid Case Study

• Mindfulness in the Workplace

• New Construction Techniques in Fiber Optics

• New Developments in Pipeline River Crossing Inspection Programs

• New York 811: Transforming Damage Prevention in New York City and Long Island

• Online Locate Requests vs Phone Submissions: Why Go Virtual, and is it Safer?

• OSHA, Risk Management and the Holistic Approach to Real Dollars and Cents

• Power of Don’t: Communication and Leadership Excellence

• Preventing Electric Utility Damage

• Regulation & Bill Submission: How a Bill Becomes a Law

• Remote Sensing Technologies: Advances in ROW Safety and Monitoring

• Risks Associated with HDD

• Safe 4 Culture Changer Program: Improve Your Safety Culture Through an Effective Safety Campaign

• Safe 4 the Right Reasons

• Silver Shovel Recognition Program

• Simplify Your Message

• Situational Awareness

• Standardized Metrics for Continuous Improvement in Damage Prevention

• Strategic Planning

• Stress Management

• Successful Presentations

• The Bad Side of Town

• The Day We Will Remember

• The ROI on Making Underground Facilities Locatable

• Two Confined Space Standards: Which One is for You?

• Underground Damages Case Study: Use of Comprehensive Data Analysis for Process Improvement

• Underground Utility Damage: Why it Remains the Number One Threat

• Unregulated Services and Industry Best Practices: Why Should You if You Don’t Have To?

• Using the Leading Practices for Cross Bore Risk Reduction

• Using Video to Better Communicate with Your Audience

• Utilizing Human Factor Technologies to Drive Performance Improvements

• You the Jury: Trial of an Underground Utility Damage Claim

89% of surveyed attendees stated that information obtained will help them implement change at work.

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