Article: Picture Perfect, Winter Issue 2019

I AGREE with the recommendations in the article and only offer the following supplemental suggestions:

  1. A small dry erase board (maybe 1’ x 1’) is handy for making explanatory notes to set in the frame of the picture. Example notes could include “looking west from 10’ N of gas meter” or “detail of damage to auger.” Handwritten notes are great in a notebook, but nothing beats documentation in the photo itself.
  2. The enlarged distance marker is a great idea for pictures of the overall scene, but remember to include a ruler or tape measure in pictures to capture the scale of photos showing detail of features having small dimensions/distances.
  3. Portable lighting, even if just a good quality flashlight, can be useful in generating low angle light to highlight peaks and valleys on surface features that become less visible when ambient light is directly overhead. Examples include gouge marks on pipe. – Bill Amend
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