Reader Response Article: Safety First: Staying Out of Harm’s Way While Working in Traffic

Article: Safety First: Staying Out of Harm’s Way While Working in Traffic

by Bob Nighswonger

“Wow, I didn’t know that 40% of roadway construction fatalities were caused by workers being struck by moving vehicles. My son works in construction so I will definitely pass your safety tips along to him. I like the idea of planning ahead the best time of day to mark lines in traffic and I hope that more construction teams can plan this way to avoid accidents during heavy traffic.”

-Liz Hudson

Article: Safety Tips for Operating Vacuum Excavators

by Cori Walsh

“Great idea to make sure vac operators inspect the job site to ensure all utilities have been located and any obstacles have been accounted for. My in-laws own some property, and they were thinking of getting some vacuum excavation done there. If they do, I’ll make sure they have whoever does it check for anything that could cause issues.”

-Johnny McCarron

Article: The True Cost of Water Damages

by Scott Landes

“Awesome article and speaks so many truths regarding the water and sewer industries. Better administration of the entire process could/would result in a significant reduction in damages and cost savings.”

-Paul Barrett, retired municipal locate coordinator

Article: Hydro- and Air-Powered Vacuum Excavation

by Scott Plumb

“It’s great that you elaborated more on hydro-excavation used to clean sewers and manholes that can be full of mud and water. Interestingly enough, I think I saw one of these trucks in action earlier today, but I didn’t know what it was. It would be interesting to learn more about how much training it requires to operate a machine like this.”

-Dennis Sanchez


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