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Sharing Our Electrical Safety Messages with Children

(Shared in Industry News – 2019)

“Thanks for making the post and keep sharing.”
– West Providence Electrical Contractors

Best Practices for Conducting GPR Surveys for Utilities

(Summer 2017)
Author: Brian Jones

“I liked it when you said that an antenna could make a massive difference in GPR surveys, as this is one of the ways to get an accurate target location. We are planning to hire someone who can conduct GPR service for our utility. I’m glad I came across your article and understand the best practices and things to consider regarding GPR surveys. I will go ahead and share this with my business partner and see what they think about conducting GPR surveys for our utility mapping.”
– Bella Willey, AEI Subsurface (comment July 2022)

Horizontal Directional Drilling: Its Impact on Utility Location

(Special Issue, Australian Edition 2018)
Author: Innes Fisher, Utility Location Services Ltd.

“How interesting that you mention traditional open-cut trenching and service placement. I am starting a new business this year. I will find a great place to help us with drilling.”
– Tiff Gregers (comment June 2022)

The Best Excavation Method: Hydro, Air, or Both?

(Excavation Safety Guide 2020)
Author: Chapman Hancock, DitchWitch

“Hi! My brother-in-law should totally check this article out before taking any definite action sometime soon. This is most certainly true after you insisted that hydro-excavation is highly versatile in terms of the types of terrain it can handle. He has been planning to adjust the alignment of the underground water pipe leading to his warehouse since last month.”
– Amy Saunders (comment June 2022)

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