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Welcome to the 50th Issue of dp-Pro!

When we published our first issue of dp- PRO (Damage Prevention Professional back then), we didn’t know a lot about publishing a magazine, but we definitely knew there was a real need in the underground utility industry. Back then, and still today, many fine publications addressed the industries we serve, but none that spoke specifically to damage prevention, excavation safety, and public awareness.

Our first issue, published in the spring of 2010, was filled with relevant and thought-provoking articles and features written by industry professionals. For fun, we included author updates on several of the articles in this issue. You can read the full first issue, or any of our past issues, at

Over the 10 years of dp-PRO, many things have changed, both within the pages of the magazine and within the industry. Some things never change, however. Things like, “Damage Prevention is a shared responsibility,” “Know what’s below,” and “Call before you dig.” We have always promoted these important industry concepts, and will continue to do so in the pages of dp-PRO.

Infrastructure Resources, publisher of dp-PRO, continues to hold true to its guiding passion, “Saving Lives through Education.” We are dedicated to transforming the damage prevention industry through knowledge and educational tools that significantly reduce the risk of damages while protecting our workplaces, communities, environment, and lives. We do this through three main focuses:

INVOLVEMENT: We are active in industry associations and events and we connect regularly with advisory boards who help us keep our finger on the pulse of the industries we serve.

EXPERTISE: Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of industry leaders, we help companies improve their damage prevention efforts by sharing innovations, best practices, educational opportunities, and access to industry resources.

INNOVATION: We stay abreast of what is happening in the industry so we can bring you information and education on cutting edge technologies, the latest public awareness initiatives, and new approaches in damage prevention in the format you want – live, print, virtually, or online.

We continue to bring new and innovative initiatives to the industry. We invite you to visit our website,, to learn about these initiatives and how they can help you.

Now, with 50 issues under our belt, we continue to focus on bringing informational and educational articles to the industry. Infrastructure Resources welcomes all points of view within the pages of dp-PRO and encourages you to send us your article(s) for consideration for publication in future issues. You can submit your article at

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