Publisher’s Column: Coping with the “New Normal

COVID-19 has left all of us looking for a way to balance our “new normal” with what “used to be.” Many of us look back over the upheaval of the past few months and long for a return to the way things were before. The truth is, that return is probably never going to happen. Much like rushing flood waters re-sculpt the path of a river, COVID-19 has rearranged the way many of us do business and live our lives.

The Infrastructure Resources team has been working from home since late March. Previously, remote work was never really a consideration for us, except occasionally if someone was expecting the cable repair guy or a child was home sick. We weren’t really prepared to work from home full time for an extended period of time. But, as Plato said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” We learned how to adapt. Much of that learning was in the deep end of the pool, but we learned. And frankly, we’ve come out the other side stronger than ever.

We’ve managed to publish two issues of dp-PRO, we’ve navigated the troubled waters of cancelling the largest event in our industry, we’ve held a series of 20+ virtual education sessions for Excavation Safety Conference attendees who were unable to meet this past March, we’ve begun building our educational tracks for 2021, we’ve engaged many in the LSAW initiative, promoted additional initiatives with industry partners to launch Damage Prevention Week, built a plan for a series of virtual industry summits for everyone, and so much more. Like many, we started not knowing how this thing was going to work long-term and ended knowing that we could accomplish most anything we set our minds to.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my point isn’t to sit here and pat us on the back (although my team deserves it). Rather, my point is that people are resourceful at finding ways to overcome and achieve success in the face of adversity. Change is hard, so often we do not embrace it as easily as we probably should. Once we’ve made the leap though, we suddenly discover whole new avenues to explore.

This is where we at Infrastructure Resources are right now. We know that realistically speaking, the world is never going to return to exactly what it was before COVID-19. Even once we are more comfortable gathering in large groups again, many people will be reluctant to do so. Therefore, we are actively looking for ways we can incorporate virtual learning into our event programming. We’re excited to explore these new options and invite you to sign up for updates at []( to stay up-to- date on everything new we have to offer.

Our journey through the pandemic and all it entails isn’t over yet, but things are slowly improving. I wish health and happiness to you and yours, and I sincerely hope you have found your silver lining during this difficult time.

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