Public Awareness – Miss Utility Recognizes Locate Technicians in 17th Annual Locator Achievement Awards

Diamantie Sturdivant, UtiliQuest

MISS UTILITY of Maryland/District One Call recently recognized 60 outstanding locate technicians for their dedication to damage prevention and exemplary performance with zero safety violations in 2019 through the 17th Annual Locator Achievement Awards. Typically, award recipients are recognized during a celebration at a minor league baseball game, but as holding the traditional celebration was not possible in 2020, Miss Utility came up with a new way to recognize the winning locate technicians for their hard work and commitment to safety.

Cody Turner, Pro Comm

Chauncey Clifton, OCC

Each winner received a “goodie bag” containing a custom-embroidered jacket, 811 logo t-shirt, awards certificate, Miss Utility baseball cap, pen, and a $100 restaurant gift card for them to enjoy a meal with their families in lieu of the canceled banquet.

Miss Utility’s annual Locator Achievement Award program aims to increase appreciation for the locating profession and improve perceptions of the profession overall by recognizing locate technicians for their essential role and commitment to the damage prevention process.