Right after the ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday the 24th at 3:00pm, head straight to Booth 306. You will find yourself in a 10×20 foot space filled with efficiency, ergonomics and product knowledge. This will all be centered around Flagshooter products, of course.

We have been at this whole “selling the best way to paint, flag and profit” thing for a while now. Over the years, we have taken show attendee’s feedback on our products and made continual improvements. By stopping at our booth, you will have a chance to learn about them.

As always, in-booth demonstrations are available. If you are interested in seeing a marking flag inserted into a 2×4 with a handheld tool, we can help you out. While the Flagshooter sprays paint as well as it inserts flags, we won’t have functioning cans of paint in our booth. If spraying paint is something you want to see, come out to the Demo Fair on Thursday from 12:00-1:30.

In conclusion, stop by Booth 306 to learn how Flagshooter products can make your team safer and faster locating technicians. If you can’t wait until March of 2020 (which I’m guessing will be the case after reading this), shoot us an email at or give us a call at (605)529-5000. Either way we’ll get you on the path of the best way to paint, flag and profit…. GUARANTEED!

Rhino Marking & Production System

Conducting a thorough damage investigation requires several steps including filling out damage forms, creating sketches of the scene, interviewing witnesses, and assessing damages. Photos of the scene will often determine who is liable for the damage, so it is imperative to utilize the best damage investigation tool to document the damage and help prove your case.

The Rhino HITKit +2 is the recognized industry-standard damage investigation tool. It provides posts that are legible from 360° and includes a rigid ruler with numbers that can be clearly read from a distance.

“One of the biggest problems with damage pictures is the lack of perspective and measurements. The Hit Kit+2 provides the best tools to solve these problems. This kit should be mandatory for all damage investigators.”

Ron Peterson

Director, National Utility Contractors Association (Nulca)| 800.522.4343

Subsite® Electronics UtiliGuard 2 utility locating system

The Subsite Electronics UtiliGuard® 2 is a new multi-frequency utility locator. Available in Standard and Advanced models, UtiliGuard 2 takes all the proven performance-boosting features of the original UtiliGuard and adds several important new capabilities including an all-new user interface, integrated data capture, and GPS positioning. The new UtiliGuard 2 user interface was designed with industry specialists and trainers to feature simplified graphics that are easier and faster to interpret. Operators will notice an obvious change in screen layout when directly over a utility locate, providing positive confirmation. The new combination of screen graphics delivers increased operator confidence, locate consistency and operational performance. UtiliGuard 2 automatically captures data without altering the operator’s normal workflow. For more information on the UtiliGuard 2, visit or contact your local Ditch Witch dealer.

800-846-2713 |

KorTerra, Inc.

We know you save lives with the work you do; we’re here to help you every way we can. Maximize efficiency, increase safety, and reduce damages with KorTerra’s ticket management software. KorWeb is the premier cloud-based ticket management system used to protect underground facilities, prevent service interruptions, and allow excavators and homeowners to dig safely. The software also generates accurate operational insights through custom reporting to provide maximum value.

KorTerra’s comprehensive ticket management software is backed by agile development and highly responsive support teams that collaborate directly with customers to ensure consistent delivery of the most advanced technology, intuitive interface, and robust functionality. We also provide process consulting and software training services to promote optimized performance. Discover a better pathway to damage prevention by visiting us at booth #402 or contacting us at

952-368-1911 |

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