Product Showcase – Spring 2019

UtilAlert | 812.305.0738

INTRODUCING an Innovative Notification System: UtilAlert by Hydromax USA Transforming Safe Pipeline Excavation Operations UtilAlert is a “plug & play” excavator-mounted device, able to:

• Discern digging activity from other activities through on-board multi-axis inertial measurement units

• Capture the GPS location of the excavator in real-time

• Compare the location to utility boundaries using GIS databases

• Alert the excavator operator and management when digging in an area that does not have a valid dig ticket or in proximity to a high consequence utility (requires local 811 center and utility participation)

• Transmit the information through the cellular network to a dashboard and stores it in a database

• Track last known position of excavator for more productive equipment management and theft recovery

Software compares the excavator location and current activity with mapping from any connected utility and 811 dig ticket boundaries. When a high-risk utility facility is present or the software identifies digging with no active dig ticket boundary, the system alerts the excavator operator directly and both contractor and utility damage prevention teams. All parties can then act to prevent damage before it occurs.

UtilAlert produces both auditory alerts (cutting through ambient construction noise and ear protection) and visual alerts (series of bright LED lights) in levels of urgency appropriate to the level of risk determined.

VISIT us at Booth #615 for a demonstration. View the detailed real time metrics and historical data dashboards UtilAlert delivers digitally to the field and remote offices.

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems | 800.522.4343

Conducting a thorough damage investigation requires several steps including filling out damage forms, creating sketches of the scene, interviewing witnesses, and assessing damages. Photos of the scene will often determine who is liable for the damage, so it is imperative to utilize the best damage investigation tool to document the damage and help prove your case.

The Rhino HITKit +2 is the recognized industry-standard damage investigation tool. It provides posts that are legible from 360° and includes a rigid ruler with numbers that can be clearly read from a distance.

“One of the biggest problems with damage pictures is the lack of perspective and measurements. The Hit Kit+2 provides the best tools to solve these problems. This kit should be mandatory for all damage investigators.”

Ron Peterson

Director, National Utility Contractors Association (Nulca)

AirVac® by the makers of AirSpade

The new AirVac® is a high-capacity portable vacuum system that helps workers safety identify and expose buried electric, gas or water lines. The AirVac prevents costly repairs and serious injuries due to damage to underground utility infrastructure. It also protects nearby tree roots or other underground equipment, such as hazardous waste containers. The AirSpade and AirVac together offer significant performance advantages. After soil is safely dislodged by the AirSpade, the AirVac can be used to vacuum it directly into the AirVac container. Their non-contact, non-striking digging methodology is also ideal for small-diameter, deep excavation where a hand shovel or backhoe bucket can’t fit or reach. AirSpade has designed its tools, including the Utility AirSpade 4000, with comfort and ergonomics in mind, minimizing stress and maximizing operator comfort. We also designed them to provide thermal protection, as well as protection against electric shock hazard.

Designed to run off a 185-cfm standard tow-behind air compressor, the new AirVac offers an easy-to-use, mobile alternative to large and expensive vacuum trucks. With no motors or moving parts to wear out, the AirVac is also durable and lightweight, reducing the risks of accidents due to worker fatigue. AirVac uses powerful, patented supersonic nozzle technology and features a multi-stage vacuum engine. The engine creates a vacuum in the tank through a jet of air that passes through a multi-stage venturi system. This system assures optimal performance regardless of the material being evacuated, including dirt, sand, gravel, small rocks and muck. The AirVac has a tank capacity of 11 cubic ft. (82 gallons), with an extra-wide dump door to make it easy to empty spoils for backfilling.

For questions, additional information and lead times, contact Craig Schoen. Phone: 413-594-4400 x335 | Email:

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