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From markers that give an exact path and estimated depth of underground utilities, to utility locators that interface with GPS/GIS field mapping instruments, 3M offers the precision tools needed to manage your assets. Together, they provide a complete solution with the performance and reliability you trust from 3M. Learn more about 3M's utility locating products, line locator industry solutions, or utility locator resources.

Visit 3M.com/Dynatel to learn more.
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AIMS Companies
AIMS Companies provides a wide range of industrial, municipal and environmental services across the U.S., including cross bore inspection services for damage prevention and public safety. AIMS Companies is a HUBZone certified business organization that employs over 500 professionals. Our mission is to be the safe, reliable, and secure choice that results in the best value for our customers. www.aimscompanies.com. Visit websitecross bore, municipal

Barr Air Patrol
Barr Air Patrol is the largest nationwide provider of high quality, safe, aerial pipeline patrol. We have 42 aircraft operating from 23 bases nationwide. We offer high resolution imagery of the entire patrol as well as advanced services including LIDAR and change detection for high consequence areas as well as methane leak detection from fixed wing aircraft. Safety is our top priority and that is why Barr is the solution the world’s largest oil and gas companies work with exclusively.Visit website

Boss Solutions
BOSS811 is Cloud based One Call Ticket Management Solution for the Damage Prevention Industry.

BOSS811 increases efficiency, reduces cost, is easy to use, and enables Municipalities, Utilities and Locator Companies manage excavation requests.

Features include Ticket Management, Rules & Area Based Routing, Facility Mapping, Customizable Dashboards and Comprehensive Reporting. Mobile Apps allow for remote access and the ability to upload pictures and videos with annotated site information.

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CCS is an industry leading diversity supplier to the telecom, MSO, power, utility, and government agencies. Specializing in the product areas of PPE, Apparel, Uniforms, OSP, Network Distribution, Tools, Power, Safety Products, and Promotional Goods. For over 30 years we continue to meet the needs of our customers with quality products from over 1000 manufacturers including: CARHARTT COMPANY GEAR, RADIANS INDUSTRIAL, BULWARK FR, KLEIN TOOLS, JONARD TOOLS, DEWALT, ERICO/NVENT, PLP, and GMP.Visit websitecarhartt, klein

The Claims Center
You invest millions building your infrastructure and brand recognition. When you experience a utility damage, you need The Claims Center (TCC) on your team. We understand the importance of a solid investigation and recovery of the financial loss. TCC professionals find the critical details while consistently improving claim cycle time and recovery results. TCC provides a full menu of services from the initial damage event to the final recovery. www.theclaimscenter.com.Visit websitedamage, investigation

Ditch Witch
Whether it’s potholing, excavation or cleanup, each jobsite poses a unique challenge. Your solution? Ditch Witch® HX vacuum excavators with the versatility to attack any task with power and precision.

With increased suction and a low-profile design, you get the power to finish the job and the footprint to get you there. See what model is right for your application here.

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Enertech specializes in regulatory compliance providing quantifiable Public Awareness, Liaison Services, Damage Prevention and Integrity Management Programs. We service the transmission market, midstream/gathering sector, and along with natural gas distribution. Our services provide a suite of products supporting public awareness compliance and geospatial data associated with pipeline integrity management throughout the United States and Canada.Visit websitePublic Awareness, RP 1162

Flagshooter, Inc
Flagshooter, Inc. Is proud to offer American made locating flags and to serve the damage prevention industry! We are committed to great quality and excellent customer service. Switching from your current marking flags is an easy process with no set-up cost.

Our patented Flagshooter is the right tool when it comes to fast flagging and painting! Go to our website www.flagshooter.com or give us a call to learn more (605) 529-5000.
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Heath Consultants
Heath provides accurate, on-time contract utility locating services to protect underground infrastructure from third party damages. Products include the vLocPro2 locator featuring multiple frequencies with twin peak antennas, left/ right guidance, line orientation with compass antenna and automatic depth. Our Sure-Lock All Pro is a simple to use two button instrument that consists of an integrated receiver and transmitter which allows you to configure the optimal frequency. Visit www.heathus.com.Visit website

Impulse Radar
ImpulseRadar is the new leader of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems for the detection and mapping of utilities. The PinPointR GPR system comes standard as a dual frequency system. The PinPointR system includes wireless antennas operated with Impulse’s intuitive customer driven Android ViewPoint app. New for 2020 is real time Google Mapping of all marked utilities for instant reporting. ImpulseRadar also offers the highway speed Raptor GPR array for rapid 3D underground utility mapping.
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For 20 years MobileFrame has helped companies like Hydromax USA solve their business problems by eliminating manual data entry and digitizing processes where it’s toughest, in the field. Whether the challenge is safety, COVID-19, asset tracking, inventory tracking, warranty tracking, repair order management, leak survey audits, productivity tracking, gas leak surveys, repair orders, quality inspections or job activity tracking MobileFrame has an app for it. Check out the Hydromax USA story here.Visit websitesafety, app

Pipeline Association for Public Awareness
PAPA is a non-profit, volunteer-driven industry organization whose programs help hundreds of pipeline operators comply with federal and state public awareness requirements and communicate with community schools, excavators, public officials, emergency response agencies, residents and businesses.

Visit our website at: pipelineawareness.org
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At Pipehorn, we seek a safer and more productive work experience for our users. Whether you're using our Ultra-High-Frequency for the Pipehorn Safety Sweep, or using Low-Frequency to isolate lines, the goals remain the same – safety and productivity.

Our strategy for over 50 years: provide a truly unique tool (480 kHz), a simple and accurate user experience, and direct connection to the people who manufacture, service and support Pipehorn products. Contact us at 205-956-3710 or www.pipehorn.com.
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As an independent third-party damage investigator, Project Resources Group provides complete transparency with real-time web-based access to data, while focusing fully on recovering the most from your claims. Our investigative teams specialize in telecom, gas and power with established ties to the 811 community. Recovery teams in Charlotte and Denver are dedicated to processing your claims professionally and efficiently. No monthly or recurring fees. WWW.PRGUS.COMVisit websitedamage, investigator
Pro-Pipe’s cross bore inspection programs utilize the latest lateral launch technology to inspect sewer systems from the manhole to the structure’s foundation. Our 24/7 dispatch coordinates all field activity and our GPS/GIS-based approach to real-time project tracking, with a cloud-based data management system, provides the highest levels of integrity.

For more information on our services, please contact Chris McDowell at 214-470-7849 or Chris.McDowell@pro-pipe.com. Thank you.
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There are two main approaches to finding buried services with electromagnetic locators: precision locate and avoidance/post-locate. For precision locate, Radiodetection’s RD8100 locator series are designed for use by professional utility locators and survey professionals; they offer a much broader choice of modes and frequencies for the precise identification of individual services.

Find out more: www.radiodetection.com
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Rhino Markers
Rhino manufactures utility signs, construction signs, warning signs, and custom signs to meet any imaginable need.

Designed and printed in the heart of the American Midwest, Rhino Signs are proudly built with one goal in mind: improve the sign quality, and reduce the cost.

What makes a great sign? We believe that’s a question best answered years after installation – after a sign has been exposed to blistering heat, battered by UV rays, frozen, and thawed year after year. Rhino UV Armor signs are built to last the tests of time and exposure, guaranteeing a minimum 10 years of elite performance.

We achieve that unmatchable durability by coating every sign we make with our patent pending Rhino UV Armor coating, which prevents bubbling, limits cracking, and significantly reduces fading.

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SAM is one of the largest providers of geospatial data solutions and construction services in the U.S. SAM offers a complete suite of field-based services including professional surveying, SUE and vacuum excavation services, aerial mapping, airborne/mobile/terrestrial LiDAR, GIS, GPS inventory, utility damage prevention and integrity services. SAM is able to provide a full range of services to support utility projects to verify and accurately map underground and overhead utilities.Visit websiteunderground, utilities

LMX Ground Penetrating Radar systems are designed & optimized for utility locating.
• Metal utilities, including pipes and cables
• Non-metallic pipes, including PVC and asbestos cement
• Concrete storm and sewer systems
• Utilities where installed tracer wiring has failed
• Underground storage tanks and drainage tiles
• Septic system components
• Non-utility structures such as vaults, foundation walls and concrete pads
For more information, visit: https://www.sensoft.ca/products/lmx/overview/
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Staking University
Since 1999, Staking University has delivered locating equipment training courses for over 600 client companies throughout the U.S., including utilities, municipalities and private organizations. Staking U. also currently operates affiliate programs in both the U.K. and Australia. Our highly skilled, experienced instructors provide classroom and hands-on instruction that benefits all levels of utility locators, from novice to expert.Visit website

Subsite Electronics
Subsite® Electronics UtiliGuard 2 utility locating system

The Subsite® Electronics UtiliGuard® 2 is a new multi-frequency utility locator based on the popular UtiliGuard system. Available in Standard and Advanced models, UtiliGuard 2 takes all the proven performance-boosting features of the original UtiliGuard and adds several important new capabilities including an all-new user interface, integrated data capture, and GPS positioning. The new UtiliGuard 2 user interface was designed with industry specialists and trainers to feature simplified graphics that are easier and faster to interpret. You can contact us at info@subsite.com or 800-846-2713.

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WE DON’T JUST KNOW NON-DESTRUCTIVE DIGGING – WE ARE NON-DESTRUCTIVE DIGGING. Vac-Con manufactures the most powerful and precise units on the market. We are experts who have only ever focused on the vacuum equipment markets. We know the ins and outs of these machines and what is required for your jobsite. Whether your team requires a truck or trailer-mounted unit, we can configure to your application requirements. Call us today to schedule your demo at 904.284.4200 or visit us at www.vac-con.com! Visit websiteHydrovac, Daylighting

Vermeer MV Solutions
We’ve got your vac. Communities are reinventing themselves. At Vermeer MV Solutions, we’re reinventing equipment to make it happen. With trenchless expertise in higher demand than ever, your ability to make a big impact with a small footprint is crucial. That’s why from compact, maneuverable trailer vacs to huge, high-capacity truck vacs, we design vacuum excavation equipment that’s just right for whatever HDD or soft-dig challenges you face. See them all at vermeermvs.com.Visit websiteunderground excavation, vacuum excavator

Get Vermeer Projects +BorePlan, an electronic bore planning tool by Vermeer. With settings for product pipe tolerance and drill rod bend radius, users can plan their HDD project within industry standards and communicate it efficiently to everyone involved in the job. Utilize an entry distance offset for the bore profile, which allows for a non-zero starting point to align with job stationing. View your bore profile in a side view and account for drill bit or reamer size to visualize utility avoidance.Visit websiteVermeer, bore planning

Vivax Metrotech
The vLoc3 RTK-Pro receiver is the first to add RTK GNSS accuracy to a utility locator. Using the RTK-Pro internal cellular module with 4G LTE capabilities, the operator can connect to NTRIP RTK (Real-Time Kinematic ) caster that provides RTCM 3 corrections. Utilizing these corrections, the operator can collect utility location data, and it's geographical location with survey-grade accuracy. The data is sent to the cloud and retained in the receiver for review or exporting to mapping programs.Visit websitemapping, utility-locator