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Ditch Witch
Whether it’s potholing, excavation or cleanup, each jobsite poses a unique challenge. Your solution? Ditch Witch® HX vacuum excavators with the versatility to attack any task with power and precision.

With increased suction and a low-profile design, you get the power to finish the job and the footprint to get you there. See what model is right for your application here.

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Flagshooter, Inc
Flagshooter, Inc. Is proud to offer American made locating flags and to serve the damage prevention industry! We are committed to great quality and excellent customer service. Switching from your current marking flags is an easy process with no set-up cost.

Our patented Flagshooter is the right tool when it comes to fast flagging and painting! Go to our website www.flagshooter.com or give us a call to learn more (605) 529-5000.
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Impulse Radar
ImpulseRadar is the new leader of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems for the detection and mapping of utilities. The PinPointR GPR system comes standard as a dual frequency system. The PinPointR system includes wireless antennas operated with Impulse’s intuitive customer driven Android ViewPoint app. New for 2020 is real time Google Mapping of all marked utilities for instant reporting. ImpulseRadar also offers the highway speed Raptor GPR array for rapid 3D underground utility mapping.
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As an independent third-party damage investigator, Project Resources Group provides complete transparency with real-time web-based access to data, while focusing fully on recovering the most from your claims. Our investigative teams specialize in telecom, gas and power with established ties to the 811 community. Recovery teams in Charlotte and Denver are dedicated to processing your claims professionally and efficiently. No monthly or recurring fees. WWW.PRGUS.COMVisit websitedamage, investigator

Rhino Markers
Rhino manufactures utility signs, construction signs, warning signs, and custom signs to meet any imaginable need.

Designed and printed in the heart of the American Midwest, Rhino Signs are proudly built with one goal in mind: improve the sign quality, and reduce the cost.

What makes a great sign? We believe that’s a question best answered years after installation – after a sign has been exposed to blistering heat, battered by UV rays, frozen, and thawed year after year. Rhino UV Armor signs are built to last the tests of time and exposure, guaranteeing a minimum 10 years of elite performance.

We achieve that unmatchable durability by coating every sign we make with our patent pending Rhino UV Armor coating, which prevents bubbling, limits cracking, and significantly reduces fading.

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Subsite Electronics
Subsite® Electronics UtiliGuard 2 utility locating system

The Subsite® Electronics UtiliGuard® 2 is a new multi-frequency utility locator based on the popular UtiliGuard system. Available in Standard and Advanced models, UtiliGuard 2 takes all the proven performance-boosting features of the original UtiliGuard and adds several important new capabilities including an all-new user interface, integrated data capture, and GPS positioning. The new UtiliGuard 2 user interface was designed with industry specialists and trainers to feature simplified graphics that are easier and faster to interpret. You can contact us at info@subsite.com or 800-846-2713.

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