Pre-Excavation Checklist

❏ Lodge a FREE Dial Before You Dig enquiry online at w or via iPhone App or by calling 1100 during business hours.

❏ Receive the Dial Before You Dig Confirmation Sheet which lists the Member Asset Owners that may be affected by your project.

❏ Receive information and plans from all Member Asset Owners listed on the Confirmation Sheet .

❏ Review plans and conditions sent by Member Asset Owners.

❏ Obtain any required permits and approvals as required by Asset Owners.

❏ Visit the site and inspect for any other underground or overhead assets that may not may not be registered with Dial Before You Dig.

❏ Look for evidence of underground or overhead services that may be connected to any property but not recorded on the plans received from the Member Asset Owners.

❏ It is recommended, unless advised otherwise by a Member Asset Owner, to engage a DBYD Certified Locator.

❏ Ensure that the plans held are not out of date; if so, resubmit the enquiry with Dial Before You Dig in case there are new assets registered since the last enquiry was made.

❏ Record the information gained from any other Asset Owners or other parties with areas of interest not registered with Dial Before You Dig.

❏ Establish a digital and/or hard copy of all the documents received from Dial Before You Dig and Asset Owners, so that the excavator and other affected contractors can use them on site.

❏ If any doubt remains, contractor/subcontractor should contact the Asset Owner and seek clarification BEFORE starting work.

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