PPL Electric Utilities: The Show Must Go On!

THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN across Pennsylvania are getting valuable lessons in how to stay safe around electricity through an entertaining theater program that PPL Electric Utilities has been taking to school auditoriums and gymnasiums across its service territory since 2015.

Actors from the National Theatre for Children, wearing colorful costumes, perform half-hour skits that incorporate lessons about how electricity is made, the uses of electricity, how to identify dangerous electrical situations and ways to stay safe around electricity.

To date, more than 72,000 children from 200 schools have seen the performances, the most recent of which was a space alien-themed performance called “Agents of Safety.”

“The looks on the faces of the children who see these shows tell the story,” said Mark Santayana, manager-Public Safety at PPL Electric Utilities. “Our goal is to teach these young people lessons that they’ll remember for a lifetime and take home to share with their parents, siblings and friends. We believe it’s been successful and we plan on reaching 100,000 kids over five years.”

The theater program is one of several PPL is using to deliver important electrical safety messages to youngsters. The utility, which delivers power to 1.4 million homes and businesses, last year published an illustrated children’s book, “How We Stay Safe Near Electricity,” that has been distributed to more than 25,000 children across PPL’s service territory. The utility offers the free books to school districts in its area to give out to fourth grade students.

PPL also provides up-close examples of the dangers associated with electrical contact using its Live Line Electrical Safety Exhibit, which is used to educate children at local fairs, Boy Scout and Girl Scout events and Take Your Child to Work Day events.

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