Power Outages More Frequent This Year Than Most

Power Outages More Frequent This Year Than Most

William Paine | The Southwest Times

There has been some discussion of late as to unruly vegetation and the effects it has on power lines. According to officials at Appalachian Power, there have been more power outages in Pulaski County in 2018 than there have been in years past. Even though 2018 hasn’t yet run its course, the last time Pulaski County citizens saw this many outages was in 2012, the year of the Derecho wind storm.

The majority of this year’s outages were due to the heavy snow that fell in late March but there have also been several outages this summer due to tree limbs coming in contact with power lines, which is the most common reason outages occur. Just one tree limb can knock out electric service for dozens of families. As is always the case, rains and warm weather have caused substantial brush and tree growth…(Read the full story)

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