Scott Landes

Active in the Damage Prevention industry since 1982, Scott Landes is the CEO of both Rhino Marking & Protection Systems and Infrastructure Resources. Dedicated to reducing damages globally and recognized as an industry expert; Scott has been published in multiple publications and spoke in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Argentina and Turkey. With 10 patents on damage prevention products, Scott’s passion for excavation safety is instilled in everyone in both companies.
* Founded Rhino Marking & Protection Systems in 1990
* Founded the Damage Prevention Convention
* Founded Infrastructure Resources in 2003
* Founded the CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo
* Co-founded the Oceania Damage Prevention Conference
* Produces the Canadian CGA Damage Prevention Symposium
* Founder of the dp-PRO, formerly Damage Prevention Professional Magazine
* Created Locator Safety Awareness Week (LSAW)
* Created the 811 Runs and 811 Mudder public awareness events
* Created the annual Excavation Safety Guide (over 9 million published)
* Founded the Pipeline Ag Safety Alliance (PASA)
* CGA Education Committee Co-Chair 2013-2016
* Winner 2007 CGA Jim Barron Award

Scott has articles in the following magazines:
2010 Q1 Issue
2010 Q2 Issue
2010 Q3 Issue
2010 Q4 Issue
2011 Q1 Issue
2011 Q2 Issue
2011 Q3 Issue
2011 Q4 Issue
2012 Q1 Issue
2012 Q2 Issue
2012 Q3 Issue
2012 Q4 Issue
2013 Q1 Issue
2013 Q2 Issue
2013 Q3 Issue
2013 Q4 Issue
2014 Q1 Issue
2014 Q2 Issue
2014 Q3 Issue
2014 Q4 Issue
2015 Q1 Issue
2015 Q2 Issue
2015 Q3 Issue
2015 Q4 Issue
2016 Q1 Issue
2016 Q2 Issue
2016 Q3 Issue
2016 Q4 Issue
2017 Q1 Issue
2017 Q2 Issue
2017 Special Locate Issue
2017 Q3 Issue
2017 Q4 Issue
2017 Q5 Issue
2018 Q1 Issue
2018 Special Locate Issue
2018 Q2 Issue
2018 Special Australian Issue
2018 Q3 Issue
2018 Q4 Issue
2019 Q1 Issue
2019 Special Locate Issue
2019 Q2 Issue
2019 Q3 Issue
2019 Q4 Issue

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Moderator: Meghan Wade, President & CEO, Georgia 811 Panelists: • Louis Panzer, Executive Director, NC 811 • Bruce Campbell, CEO, MISS DIG 811 • James Moskal, Corporate Counsel, Corby Energy Services • Kelley Heinz, Damage Prevention / Claims Investigator, ComEd • Randy Bern, President/Owner, Vannguard Utility Partners Inc. On April 14, Infrastructure Resources held our …


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DAMAGE PREVENTION without Locators would be as effective as a Car without Wheels If you are reading this article, you probably have a great deal of respect for the role locators play in keeping excavators and the public safe. However, there is a huge percentage of people in the public – and even the industry …

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