Monica Wofford

Monica Wofford has been a celebrated trainer and speaker since her first keynote speech in 1989. Since that time, she’s been interviewed on CNN and FOX News, been named one of Meetings and Conventions Magazine’s favorite business speakers, and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the National Speaker’s Association, as well as the Business Advisory Board for the Rollins College Center for Leadership Development. Monica is the CEO of the leadership training and consulting firm Contagious Companies, Inc. She serves as an executive coach, senior strategic consultant and leadership advisor, and is one of less than 400 women in the world to hold the Certified Speaking Professional designation. In her community, Monica serves as a board member for The United Way and Habitat for Humanity, and on the Development Committee for the Community Foundation.

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Your Role in RECOVERY

STORM SEASON is upon us and whether the weather is quiet or active, it affects your role, position, and operations. How do you recover? What is your role in recovery efforts as a leader? And don’t those same answers apply to all recovery efforts including a misstep in communication, a less than effective interaction at …

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Leading People

ONE Ringy-Dingy! It just never stops! The phone rings, the spam calls continue, a person walks in your office, and the list grows longer by the minute. If you Google “Lily Tomlin Telephone Operator” or remember the vignette, you might think our whole world has become one big comedic skit about not just how much …

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Leading When Everything Sucks Uncertainty. Instability. Discomfort. All circumstances that could be described as the times in which everything sucks. Yet, in each, leadership is still needed. And while the “sucks” described in this headline is common for vacuum excavation, it’s also both a common and a provocative term to describe the climate for leaders …


Leading People – 10 Tips to Prevent Automated Leadership

10 Tips to Prevent Automated Leadership Between cars that park themselves and speakers that seem to hide a butler named Alexa, we nearly no longer need to think for ourselves. When you offer virtual reality site visits and 3D printing of missing parts for your equipment, leaving our chair is no longer needed to satisfy …

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