Michael Kay Carter

Manager of Safety Operations for Generation East, Tennessee Valley Authority

Mike Carter is a safety professional with over 20 years experience in the field of Safety and Health. He currently serves TVA as the Safety Manager for Generation East and oversees a team of five TVA Safety Consultants. Mike’s areas of responsibility include:

• 29 hydro generating plants and one pumped-storage facility
• Two coal-fired plants
• One gas-fired combined cycle plant
• One gas-fired combustion turbine plant
• Generation Services

Mike has a diverse safety background to include work in pulp and paper, metal fabrication, automotive component manufacturing and utilities. He has served TVA since March of 2010.

Mike has attained the following certifications:

• Certified Safety Professional (CSP) Certification, Board of Certified Safety Professionals
• Associate Safety Professional (ASP) Certification, Board of Certified Safety Professionals

Mike is actively involved in promoting the health and safety profession by serving as Administrator for the national American Society of Safety Professionals Utilities Practice Specialty. This group addresses Safety, Health and Environmental issues within electrical, solar and wind generation, natural gas transmission and distribution, water/wastewater, telecommunications, public works and other utility areas.

Mike enjoys spending time with his family and playing banjo in a bluegrass band.


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