Matthew J. Wolf

Mr. Wolf is currently President of ImpulseRadar USA, Inc. where he is directly involved in all aspects of managing operations in North and South America and supporting endeavors for the parent ImpulseRadar AB, Sweden. Mr. Wolf has extensive experience in the development and implementation of GPR and other sensor technology for subsurface investigations. As a Chief Technology Officer at GEL Solutions, LLC, he was charged with evaluation and implementation of disruptive technology and processes for subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and other subsurface investigations. He was also formerly president of the Americas for another GPR manufacturer, where he was directly involved in research and development and the management of the company’s interests in both North and South America. Over the course of his career he has provided consulting services for the SUE industry and has broad experience with geophysical methods for geologic, geotechnical, environmental, and infrastructure projects.

Mr. Wolf has published several articles and has presented at numerous conferences over the last two decades. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute Utility Risk Management Division: Utility Investigation Committee and Chaired the National Utility Locating Contractors Association GPR training standards committee as well as other professional affiliations. He also introduced slope stability synthetic aperture radar systems for the mining industry for a South African based technology company to North America. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology as well as Master of Science in Geology/Geophysics.

Utilities are not the Only Conflict Lurking Underground!

Advances in array tech data collection and software processing are mainstreaming the platform for use by a diverse range of professionals such as geomatics/geospatial surveyors, engineers, and geoscientists as the technology provides a comprehensive “view” of the underground. In fact, coming soon is ASCE 38-21 which is the longanticipated update to 38-02. The title for …

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Taking the Uncertainty Out of 3D GPR Array Integration in SUE

The fundamental core of the SUE profession is a complete understanding of the principle of uncertainty. The SUE professional whether a licensed Professional Engineer or Professional Licensed Surveyor, or other qualifying professional must understand this principle.  These professionals operate under the relevant statutes in their respective state and sign off on the SUE deliverable having …

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An “All-In” Approach For 3D Utility Investigations

IT IS PROVEN that on large infrastructure projects utilities are almost always at or near the top of the list in terms of cost overruns and delays to project schedules. It is well documented that the SUE process conducted in adherence of ASCE 38-02 prevents cost overruns and many articles and reports are available supporting this …

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