Mark DeSchepper

President, Echo GPR Services

Mark DeSchepper started in the GPR Industry in 2007 and now as an owner/operator has self-performed over 3,500 GPR projects. His experience with GPR ranges from concrete scanning, utility locating, UST locates, gravesite locates, geophysical investigations as well as forensic investigation. Based in the Kansas City metro he has performed scans across the United States ranging from Alaska to Florida. His expertise has taken him from multiple nuclear plants and secure military installations to general commercial construction. He provides custom GPR Processing for several GPR companies across the country using GPR-Slice and have been a user since 2011. Mark was the inaugural GPR Committee Chairman for the Concrete Sawing Drilling Association (CSDA) and has held this position from 2013-2020, stepping down in 2021 to be on the CSDA Executive Team. In doing so he is the first and only GPR contractor to have served on the CSDA Board of Directors and Executive Team. He has served on the CSDA Board of Directors for 3 separate terms and is currently the CSDA Secretary/Treasurer on the Executive Team. While developing the CSDA Committee and Certification program he was also selected to be the lead Training/Certification Instructor by both contractors and manufacturers including GSSI, Sensors and Software, Hilti IDS and Proceq. In doing so over 50 GPR professionals have been certified through the CSDA program. Mark has helped write several industry standards including CSDA BP-007, BP-017 and BP-026, and has spoken at ACPA (American Concrete Paving Association) conferences, and SEA (Structural Engineering Association) meetings discussing the many uses and benefits of GPR. Mark was also instrumental in creating the NULCA/CSDA Reciprocal Membership for combining 2 different association’s use of GPR in related but separate fields. For 4 years he teaches the only GPR class hosted at World of Concrete and is scheduled to teach another Advanced Theory class in 2021 at World of Concrete.

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