Jen Holmstadt

Jen has 10 years of experience as an environmental consultant, specializing in geohazard risk assessments, contaminated site remediation, and project management. Jen started her career in contaminated site remediation, specializing in large river projects. She spent 3 years on the Kalamazoo River oil spill cleanup and was responsible for locating submerged oil using geomorphic methods of site characterization. Following that experience, Jen transitioned to designing and implementing geohazard risk assessments for energy companies, utilities, and transportation infrastructure. Jen has a Master of Science degree from Michigan State University in Geomorphology and a PMP certification. She currently sits on the Midwest Energy Association Gas Operations Steering Committee and is the Co-Chair of the Midwest Energy Association Emerging Professionals Committee.
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Jen Holmstadt

Ask The DP Pro – Jen Holmstadt

Q How can geohazard risk assessments impact safety? A by Jen Holmstadt Every year, geohazards (natural hazards like floods and landslides) threaten public safety and cost billions of dollars in damages. These hazards impact private property like homes and businesses as well as public infrastructure like storm sewers, trails systems, and public parks. In worst-case scenarios, …

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Slope Failure Is A Geohazard That Impacts Many Types Of Infrastructure

MASS FAILURE is perhaps the most ubiquitous geohazard. Typically, when one imagines what a landslide looks like, images of mudslides from mountainous regions like California come to mind. These are, after all, what make the national news cycle. Unfortunately, slope failure impacts a wide range of landscapes, even those considered relatively level. For example, the Twin …

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