Jim Anspach

James H. Anspach, PG (r), Dist.M.ASCE has 40+ years of experience in developing the practices of subsurface utility engineering, utility coordination, and utility damage prevention. His career started with corrosion engineering and pipeline integrity management with Heath Consultants, then the development of SUE with So-Deep, Inc., then about 10 years as a sole practitioner working on various utility-related research projects and court cases, before joining Cardno becoming their Global Technical Principal for Utility Engineering and Survey. Cardno became T2 Utility Engineers in 2019. He retired from T2UE in January of 2021. Jim is Chair of ASCE 38, a founding governor and 2018 President of the Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute of ASCE, and a member of TRB’s Utility Committee. Jim served as an investigator for all the SHRP utility-related research projects, and the UK’s Mapping, Assessing, and Valuing the Underworld’s projects. Currently Jim serves as Chair of ProStar’s Technical Advisory Board, a consultant for select UE firms, and several research projects for Iowa State University. Jim was a founding member of the NTSB/OPS/USDOT Linking Team, which gradually evolved into the Common Ground Alliance.

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Q How can Contractors Mitigate Risk on Trenchless Pipeline Projects? A BY James H. Anspach & Tom Olson RISK ON TRENCHLESS PROJECTS comes in various forms: subgrade investigation, design, contract language, trenchless method selection, and execution. How contractors can mitigate this risk varies. While a contractor normally will not perform the subgrade investigation, the contractor …

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What Is The Role Of “Design Tickets?” And, Do They Really Work?

What are we trying to accomplish with a “design ticket?” Is it a one-stop shop where a project designer can request records of existing utilities? Is it providing designers with enough information that they can make intelligent, informed decisions about avoiding unnecessary utility conflicts during construction by designing around the existing utilities? Is it a …

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Development of AS CE’s Ninth Institute

On October 1, 2016, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) approved a new “provisional” Institute to begin operation. If all goes well, the Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute (UESI) will “graduate” from a provisional status (meaning the ASCE Board oversees the budget) to a full Institute status on October 1, 2017. UESI represents the …

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Question:  I’ve always used the word “abandoned” to describe an unused pipe in the ground, but lately I’ve been hearing the term “out-of-service.” Is there a difference between them? And, if not, which one is the right one to use? Answer:  The term “abandoned” has long been used by laymen, utility owners, and professionals alike …

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History 101: Evolution of the Common Ground Alliance

(Editor’s Note: James Anspach gave the keynote address at the 2016 CCGA Damage Prevention Symposium in Banff, Alberta. The following article is captured from that address.) The evolution of utility damage practices and the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) formation is a lesson in how a convergence of serendipitous events, personal relationships, advances in technology and …

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