Craig Campbell

President, G3Tech

I started my work career in my families construction company in the commercial and residential structure in the mid 1980’s. Next in 1993 I went on to spend the next 13 years as a Cathodic Protection Technologist achieving a Level III Certification and running close interval surveys, locating underground utilities for the oil and gas industry across western and central Canada. I founded G3TECH SK LTD in 2007 and was the first to bring Ground Penetrating Radar to the Saskatchewan construction industry. I have an extensive knowledge of utilizing GPR to map concrete structures for tension cables, rebar, voids and conduits. Our surveys have been on buildings, homes, foundations, dams, bridges, burial sites, utilities, UST’s, retention ponds, bedrock, landfills, ice and even to find a time capsule.

I am a Level II Thermographer and have almost 30 years as an Advanced Line Locator and Corporate Trainer.

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