Christopher Koch

Christopher Koch is the owner and President of ZoneOne Locating. With over 20 years’ experience in damage prevention, he is frequently called to provide expert testimony in legal cases. As a member of Nulca’s executive board including terms as Secretary, Vice-President, and President, he helped shape the professional competency standard for locators. He is a regular contributor to Damage Prevention Professional and co-author of the book, Locating Buried Utilities – A Professional Approach. Koch holds a BES from St. Cloud State University and a graduate certificate in Human Resource Management.
Phone: (763) 682-0206

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Survey Says!

As a private locating company, we regularly field calls from surveyors frustrated by the lack of response to their locate requests. Here in Minnesota, like Oregon, Virginia, and other states, the One Call law provides a nonexcavate option for surveyors and design engineers. Under the Minnesota statute, survey requests are given twice the usual 48- …

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