Christopher Koch

Christopher Koch is the owner and President of ZoneOne Locating. With over 20 years’ experience in damage prevention, he is frequently called to provide expert testimony in legal cases. As a member of Nulca’s executive board including terms as Secretary, Vice-President, and President, he helped shape the professional competency standard for locators. He is a regular contributor to Damage Prevention Professional and co-author of the book, Locating Buried Utilities – A Professional Approach. Koch holds a BES from St. Cloud State University and a graduate certificate in Human Resource Management.
Phone: (763) 682-0206

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A line locator is a fairly simple tool – a coil (or coils) in the receiver produces an electric charge when exposed to a moving magnetic field. That charge is communicated to the user via an audible tone and/or a visible display. The source of that moving magnetic field, known as signal, is usually a …

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“And all this science I don’t understand – It’s just my job five days a week…” -Elton John, lyrics to Rocket Man, Honky Chateau, 1972 I’ve been teaching the science of locating for about 20 years now and to be honest, I barely had a handle on it when I started teaching it. I’d proven myself …

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Testing Limits

“You don’t have to look far to find evidence of people’s willingness to test their limits, often with disastrous consequences. A quick search on YouTube can lead you down a rabbit hole of calamity. There are fail videos of people diving off rooftops, skate-boarding down stairs, mountain biking into ravines, doing handstands on superbikes, and …

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