Joey Gallegos

Subsurface Investigator, Construction Survey Technologies (CSTi)

Joey Gallegos Sr. is a Subsurface Investigator that has been working with CSTi full time since 2019 and had previously worked part time with CSTi since 2013. Before working full time with CSTi, Joey Sr. worked with the New Mexico State Police and recently retired after 20 years of service. What Joey likes best about Utility Mapping is that it provides a different challenge everyday both technological and analytical. Joey is NUCLA Certified in GPR and Locator Competency. One of his favorite tools to use is the IDS Radar Stream C. Joey also enjoys using the IDS IQ Maps program for conducting the processing of his GPR data. Joey Sr. finds that subsurface investigation has similarities to the investigating he did as a law enforcement officer, especially when it comes to using tools to analyze and solve problems. His background and training in digital forensics provided him with the skills needed to process his GPR data, not to mention the thrill he gets from performing a thorough investigation.

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